Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

By conversion, we mean when any visitor on your website performs any action. An action that you want them to perform. From signing up a new letter to filling up any from joining you in the long run, everything that you want your visitor to do on your website is covered in the term conversion for your website. For a successful website, conversion rate work as a major. Whatever you want your visitor to do is what you are actually looking to optimize.

However, there are a number of myths and misconceptions about conversion rate. These are necessary to address. To deal with the issue, let’s have a look at what conversion rate optimization is and what it is not.

IS in Conversion rate Optimization:

  • It is a systematic approach to the enactment of the performance of a website
  • Updates by insights, especially user feedback and analytics
  • Explain briefly the aims of your website as well as its needs
  • Taking most of the traffic to where you want

IS NOT in Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Surely not based on the hunches or guesses or what others are doing
  • Managed by opinions of high paying persons
  • Is all about getting more users to compromise on quality or engagement

Besides these basic about what conversion rate optimization is and what it is not, there are a number of other things that are necessary to understand while dealing with the process.

These major terms includes:

  • CTA- Call to Action, that is all about the user interface elements that assist or ask any user to take action of any type.
  • The conversion shaft is a basic access for user experience and is the point where any visitor will complete an activity or conversion.
  • Split testing is testing of one version of a page against another version. The two versions are always of the same thing and are measured precisely.
  • The MVT, it is also called as the multivariate testing. It deals with the different versions or page elements with the variety of combinations. The purpose is to determine the best and worst performing combinations and elements.

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